Project Resources

Visit the project pages on the Wisconsin 4-H website where you will find descriptions for statewide projects, Internet resources and links of interest, county fair exhibit suggestions, state specialist contacts and other suggested 4-H resources.

Lincoln County 4-H has boxes with project supplies ready to be used with minimal general supply additions to the users.  These projects need specialized components that are included in the box.  Boxes can be check out at the UW-Extension Office:

Wired for Wind Web resources for this kit – This box contains 6 complete kits, Facialtator Guide and Youth Guides.  Each kit is designed for a team of 6-8 youth to work together.  Each kit includes: 2 generators w/ 4′ wires attached, 2 hub & hub screws, 2 blade pitch protectors, 50 dowels, 2 PVC pieces, 1 digital multimeter and 2 alligator clip cords.  User would need to supply thick paper/cardboard, scissors, pencils, fan, hot glue guns, poster board and paper cups.  Lincoln County 4-H does have scissors, pencils, hot glue guns and hot glue available for use if requested.  All components included in the kits / boxes need to be returned.

4-H2OWeb resources for this kit – This box contains: Facialtator Guide and Youth Guides, eye droppers, Bromothmol Blue solution, Anacid tablets, flex straws, clear cups, palstic wrap, and a pitcher.  User would need to supply water and additional cups & antacid tablets.  All components included in the kits / boxes need to be returned.

The Lincoln County 4-H Leaders’ Association has many additional resources and supplies available to be used for 4-H projects and club activities.  Stop by the UW-Extension office Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to check out what is available.