Lincoln County 4-H Scholarship Application Due April 21st, 2023


1. The Lincoln County 4-H Leaders Association, Inc., may award a limited number of $500 scholarships to qualified applicants.  This award must be used for programs of study at any accredited college, university, or technical college.

2. The applicant must be currently enrolled as a Lincoln County 4-H member. Members who are graduating from high school or are currently attending a college or university are eligible to apply.

3. To be considered for this scholarship, a COMPLETE application (cover letter, 4-H resume, grade transcripts, and three recommendations in sealed envelopes) must be submitted by April 21st, 2023. See application process below. For Help with your resume and cover letter, please go to

4. Scholarship awards will be based upon the quality of the personal cover letter and resume, scholastic and leadership achievements, and projected financial use statement. 

5. A committee composed of, at least, 3 representatives of the Lincoln County 4-H Leaders Association Board of Directors will evaluate and decide on scholarship recipients. The committee should be made up of an odd number of members.

6. Announcement of the scholarship will be made by letter to recipient.

7. The recipient will be paid the $500 award by the Lincoln Count 4-H Leaders Association, Inc. when the Association has received written notification that the recipient has completed one grading period of study and is registered for the second period of study. Written notification would consist of a grade report from the first period of study and a copy of registration for classes for the second period of study. The notification shall be sent to: Melissa Yates, Lincoln County 4-H, UW-Extension, 801 N. Sales Street, Merrill, WI 54452.


1. Submit a cover letter that highlights how your 4-H experiences have influenced your education pathway and what your possible career path might become. Please include information about your projected financial use.

2. Include, with the cover letter the following items: A. Resume focusing on (but not limited to) 4-H activities; highlighting leadership positions. B. A copy of you grade transcripts. C. Three letters of recommendations as follows: One from a 4-H Leader (preferably not from your club leader; One from a high school/college teacher, Principal, or counselor, or home study supervisor; One from a nonrelative adult who knows you well. Person completing the recommendations should return them to the applicant in a sealed envelope.

3. Submit all the above by APRIL 21st, 2023 to the Extension Lincoln County 4-H, 801 N. Sales Street, Merrill, WI 54452