Youth Volunteer Leaders

Young people who have been 4-H members for several years might be ready to expand their leadership role within their 4-H club, county or state level.  These members may have shown leadership qualities through their project work or by serving on a committee.

Youth Leader position description

Youth leaders should select what they are interested in doing.  They should share these ideas with their parents and 4-H organizational or project or activity leaders.  Youth leaders should then set goals or develop a plan of action for the year.  Youth leaders will need support and encouragement from the adult volunteers and their parents in order to be successful.

Visit Wisconsin 4-H Youth Leadership page for more information and resources.

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a 4-H Youth Leader. We have tried to include resources on this page to help you in this important leadership role. If you have additional items you would like to see posted here or that you need, please contact the 4-H Youth Development staff at 715-539-1072.