Nutrition Education – FoodWise

FoodWIse (formerly WNEP) is a collaborative effort between the University of Wisconsin, UW Madison Extension and the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services. Funded in part by a federal grant from the Food and Nutrition Service (USDA), the primary goal of FoodWIse is to provide practical food, nutrition and budgeting information to families eligible for food stamps.

Growing numbers of Wisconsin individuals and families are facing economic challenges and the problems of food insecurity. More people are living in poverty, and increasing numbers are the working poor. They are confronted with difficult choices in the areas of food and shelter needs, credit obligations, and high medical bills. In response to the diverse needs and resources of the economically poor, our purpose is to develop and implement community-based nutrition education programs, within a university research-based context. We collaborate with community, state, and federal organizations in the design and implementation of nutrition education programs.

We will help low income elderly, families and youth:

  • manage their food resources and use thrifty shopping practices for nutritious foods
  • use safe food handling, preparation and storage practices
  • make food choices that are consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid



If you have any questions regarding FoodWise in Lincoln County, please contact:

Teri Kolb, FoodWIse Nutrition Administrator
U.W. Madison Div. of Extension FoodWIse Program
Phone: 715-539-1073
Shara Allen, FoodWIse Educator (Lincoln & Taylor Counties)
UW Madison Div. of Extension FoodWIse Program
Phone: 715-539-1077