4-H provides opportunities for both youth and adults.

4-H is open to youth members in grades 5-year old kindergarten through one year beyond high school graduation and not to extend beyond the age of 19 as of December 31st of the enrollment year regardless of where you live.  4-H also has openings for volunteer leaders who wish to help youth grow in 4-H.  If you have questions or for further 4-H information, you can contact us in the Extension Lincoln County  Office at (715) 539-1072.

The 2019-20 4-H Year enrollment process began on September 10, 2019.

Re-enrollment:  All 4-H members and adult leaders need to re-enroll using the  4HOnline enrollment program at http://wi.4honline.com.  Refer to the “Re-enroll Members/Leaders” instructions found on page 3 of the 2019-20 Lincoln County 4-H Enrollment and Project Guide for specific steps to complete your re-enrollment.

New Enrollment: We recommend visiting the club you are interested in joining, watching how the club works and meeting the leaders and members of that club.  A list of current Lincoln County 4-H Clubs is available on the 4-H Clubs in Lincoln County page.  There are also opportunities for adults to serve as leaders at the county level.  If you are interested in this option, please go to the 4-H Leadership page for more information or contact us at the Extension Lincoln County office at 715-539-1072.  Refer to “Enrolling in 4HOnline as a New Family” instructions that begin on the bottom of page 3 of the 2018-19 Lincoln County 4-H Enrollment and Project Guide below for specific steps to complete your enrollment .

No internet access…

For individuals without internet access, paper forms will be available by request or you can re-enroll or enroll as a new family by visiting the Extension Lincoln County office located in the Lincoln County Service Center on the lower level (801 N. Sales Street in Merrill) to enroll with 4HOnline during office hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).  Contact the office at 715-539-1072 with any questions or help you need.

Enrollment Information including deadline

4-H Project Guide 2019-20

4-H Online Enrollment Resources


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