Project Leaders

Project Leaders work with a small group of 4-H members usually outside of the regular monthly club meeting to help them reach their learning goals in a specific 4-H project. Members set their own project goals and need the support and encouragement from project leaders. Project volunteer leaders should establish a regular schedule of project experiences where members can gather to work on their projects. This schedule could be once a month for six months, four Saturdays in a row, or twice a week during the month of June.

The activities that occur at project meetings should vary. Talks and demonstrations might be presented at one meeting, a trip to secure resources for project work might be another, and two or three meetings might be spent actually working on specific parts of a project. It’s important to allow time at project meetings to answer questions, have members report on progress made, and help them think about what comes next. Literature is available for most 4-H projects specifically designed for the project leader.

Project leaders need to be flexible and take into consideration the age and ability of each youth as well as the amount of parental support and resources available. Young people, parents/guardians and project leaders all need to work together to see that 4-H project work occurs, “learning by doing” takes place, and everyone has fun while developing life skills.

Project Leader position description

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Thank you for volunteering to serve as a 4-H Project Leader. We have tried to include resources on this page to help you in this important leadership role. If you have additional items you would like to see posted here or that you need, please contact the 4-H Youth Development staff at 715-539-1072.