Memory Book Forms

Information to Help You Get Started on Your 4-H Memory Book (Updated August 2018)

You can download the Memory Book Pages you need to your computer.  Most of the forms are available in two formats.  All the forms are available in PDF format () and as a MS Word Form documents () — all MS Word Forms can be filled in on the computer, saved and printed out with the data entered.  Check out the  Memory Book Tips and Checklist (2 pages, 43 kb) for more details on how to put together a Memory Book.  All projects marked with an astrick (*) are country only projects.

Introduction Pages

PDF format

MS Word Format

Memory Book Cover PDF Memory Book Cover – Fill-in
Title Page PDF Title Page – Fill-in
4H Activities Page PDF 4H Activities Page – Fill-in
My 4-H Year PDF My 4-H Year (word)
Parent Comment PDF Parent Comment – Fill-in
Leader Comment PDF Leader Comment – Fill-in
Cloverbud Score Sheet Member Score Sheet (word)


Adventures Adventures – Fill-in
Adventures in Dairyland Adventrues in Dairyland – Fill-in
Aerospace Aerospace – Fill-in
Air Pistol Air Pistol – Fill-in
Aquatic Science Aquatic Science – Fill-in
Archery Archery – Fill-in
Arts Arts – Fill-in
Astromony Astromony – Fill-in


Backpacking and Hiking Backpacking and Hiking – Fill-in
Bantams Bantams – Fill-in
Basketry* Basketry – Fill-in*
Beef Beef – Fill-in
Bees* Bees – Fill-in*
Bicycling Bicycling – Fill-in
Birds Birds – Fill-in
Block Printing Block Printing – Fill-in
Bowling Bowling – Fill-in


Cake Decorating* Cake Decorating – Fill-in*
Candle Making* Candle Making – Fill-in*
Candy Making* Candy Making – Fill-in*
Canoeing Canoeing – Fill-in
Cats Cats – Fill-in
Ceramics* Ceramics – Fill-in*
Child Development Child Development – Fill-in
Citizenship Citizenship – Fill-in
Clothes Horse Clothes Horse – Fill-in
Clothing  Clothing – Fill-in
Cloverbud  Cloverbud – Fill-in
Clowning  Clowning – Fill-in
Collections*  Collections – Fill-in*
Communications  Communications – Fill-in
Computers  Computers – Fill-in
Consumer Savvy  Consumer Savvy – Fill-in
Corn  Corn – Fill-in
Creative Cross Stitchery*  Creative Cross Stitchery – Fill-in*
Creative Writing  Creative Writing – Fill-in
Crocheting  Crocheting – Fill-in


Dairy Dairy – Fill-in
Dairy Goats Dairy Goats – Fill-in
Dance Dance – Fill-in
Demonstrations Demonstrations – Fill-in
Dogs Dogs – Fill-in
Drawing and Painting Drawing and Painting – Fill-in


Electricity Electricity – Fill-in
Entomology (Insects) Entomology (Insects) – Fill-in
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship – Fill-in


Flowers Flowers – Fill-in
Folk Arts Folk Arts – Fill-in
Fishing  Fishing – Fill-in
Food and Nutrition Foods and Nutrition – Fill-in
Food Preservation Food Preservation – Fill-in
Forage Forage – Fill-in
Forestry Forestry – Fill-in
Fruits Fruits – Fill-in


Geology Geology – Fill-in
Geospatial Geospatial – Fill-in


Health Health – Fill-in
History and Heritage* History and Heritage – Fill-in*
Home Environment Home Environment – Fill-in
Home Grounds Home Grounds – Fill-in
Horse Horse – Fill-in
Horseless Horse-Not Showing Horseless Horse-Not Showing – Fill-in
Horseless Horse-Showing Horseless Horse-Showing – Fill-in
House Plants House Plants – Fill-in
Hunting Hunting – Fill-in


Intergenerational Programs Intergenerational Programs – Fill-in
International International – Fill-in


Jewelry Making Jewelry Making – Fill-in


Knitting Knitting – Fill-in


Latino Cultural Arts Latino Cultural Arts – Fill-in
Leathercraft Leathercraft – Fill-in
Liquid Embroidery* Liquid Embroidery – Fill-in*


Macrame Macrame – Fill-in*
Maple Syrup Maple Syrup – Fill-in*
Meat Goats Meat Goats – Fill-in
Metal Enameling Metal Enameling – Fill-in
Model Horse Model Horse – Fill-in
 Music Music – Fill-in
 Muzzleloading Muzzleloading – Fill-in


Naturespace Naturespace – Fill-in



Personal Finance Personal Finance – Fill-in
Pets Pets – Fill-in
Photography Photography – Fill-in
Pigeons Pigeons – Fill-in
Plant Crafts Plant Crafts – Fill-in
Posters* Posters – Fill-in*
Pottery* Pottery – Fill-in*
Poultry Poultry – Fill-in


Quilling Quilling – Fill-in


Rabbits Rabbits – Fill-in
Recreation* Recreation – Fill-in*
Recycling Recycling – Fill-in
Reptiles* Reptiles – Fill-in*
Rifle Rifle – Fill-in
Robotics Robotics – Fill-in
Rock Hound* Rock Hound – Fill-in*
Rug Hooking* Rug Hooking – Fill-in*


Scale Models Scale Models – Fill-in
Self-Determined Self-Determined – Fill-in
Service Learning Service Learning – Fill-in
Sheep Sheep – Fill-in
Shotgun Shotgun – Fill-in
Small Engines Small Engines – Fill-in
Small Grains Small Grains – Fill-in
Soap Carving* Soap Carving – Fill-in*
Speaking Speaking – Fill-in
Sportfishing Sportfishing – Fill-in
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – fill in
Stencil Painting Stencil Painting – Fill-in
Swine Swine – Fill-in


Taxidermy Taxidermy – Fill-in
Theatre Arts Theater Arts – Fill-in
Tractors Tractors – Fill-in
Turkeys Turkeys – Fill-in



Vegetables Vegetables – Fill-in
Veterinary Science Veterinary Science – Fill-in
Videography Videography – Fill-in


Water Water – Fill-in
Waterfowl Waterfowl – Fill-in
Weather* Weather – Fill-in*
Weaving* Weaving – Fill-in*
Wildflowers Wildflowers – Fill-in
Wildlife* Wildlife – Fill-in*
Winter Travel Winter Travel – Fill-in
Wood Burning* Wood Burning – Fill-in*
Woodworking Woodworking – Fill-in
Workforce Readiness Workforce Readiness – Fill-in


Youth Leadership Youth Leadership – Fill-in

For additional information on 4-H forms contact the Lincoln County UW-Extension office at (715) 539-1072.