4-H committees bring youth and adults together to focus on a specific purpose, event, activity or project.  4-H committees can be formed through the 4-H club, 4-H county organization or through a state 4-H group.  The work of 4-H committees is important for 4-H clubs and the 4-H county program for joint decision making, planning and carrying out 4-H experiences.  They provide opportunities for developing leadership, citizenship, teamwork, decision-making, planning, organizing and evaluation skills.

All committees and groups are accountable to the 4-H Youth Development educators/staff and are required to seek their advice when acting in the role of a 4-H volunteer leader.  The document below provides additional information about this relationship.

Educational Role of Educators/Staff with County 4-H Leader Organizations, Committees and Groups

The Clubs and Groups page on the State 4-H website provides several resources and tools to start, strengthen and revitalize 4-H community clubs.

4-H Online Enrollment Resources

4-H Charter Resources

Annual 4-H Club, Group and Officer Training

Thank you for your commitment to making the 4-H experience possible for so many youth in Lincoln County.  We have tried to include resources on this page to help adult volunteers who are providing leadership for committees with the resources they need.  If you have additional items you would like to see posted here or that you need, please contact the 4-H Youth Development Staff at 715-539-1072.