Drama, Lip Sync and Music Festival

Do you like to sing or dance? Perhaps you play an instrument or enjoy performing lip sync? Or maybe you want to try acting? Then plan on entering the 4-H Drama, Lip Sync and Music Festival.

The 2018 4-H Drama, Lip Sync and Music Festival will be held on May 12, 2018 beginning at 9 a.m. at the Tomahawk School Auditorium. Caroline Lemke and the Hi-Lo’s 4-H Club will be serving as the coordinator for the event. Registrations are due by April 30, 2018.

2018 Drama Lip Sync and Music Festival Information Registration

Drama, Lip Sync and Music Festival Guidelines

General Guidelines:

  1. Individual 4-H members and groups may enter.  A group can be any combination of enrolled 4-H members (i.e. different grades, different clubs).
  2. Youth may also participate in performance by serving as stage help (i.e. curtain pullers, scenery, costumes, make up, etc.)  Youth participating in this manner should also be included on the registration indicating their role.
  3. Use good judgment on your entry selection.  Parents/leaders are asked to preview performances to make sure appropriate for all ages of youth.  Profanity is prohibited.
  4. Videotaping/recording of your child’s/group performance for personal use is allowed.  Videotaping/recording of entries as your submission for any county event will not be allowed.  Performances must be live.
  5. Adults are encouraged to provide guidance and support in teaching youth as they prepare for and perform in these events.  They may assist with stage/scenery design, costuming, practices, and serve as accompanists for musical performances.  However, they may not perform with the youth.  Remember, these are youth performances, and we want to keep them learning experiences for the youth.
  6. Performances will be divided into the following four divisions based on average grade of group:  Cloverbuds (5-year old K-2nd Grade); Junior Division (3rd-5th Grade); Intermediate Division (6th-8th Grade); and Senior Division (9th Grade and Older)
  7. Each performance is critiqued/judged (oral and written), except individual Cloverbuds or groups where the average grade is Cloverbud grade (5-year old K-2nd grade) who will receive a participation ribbon (not judged).
  8. Each member, whether on stage or behind the scene, will receive a ribbon and certificate.
  9. The facility will be open a half-hour prior to the event starting to allow participants to become comfortable with the stage, microphone and/or piano/keyboard prior to performing.
  10. If you use props that create a mess (i.e. straw, hay, etc.), try to wrap them in something and ask coordinator of the event for equipment to clean up after yourself.  This will help everyone involved.
  11. The 4-H Board of Directors made the decision on March 23, 2013 for all county events, awards will be given out at the end of the event.  If participants need to leave the event before the awards are presented, their awards will be mailed or distributed to them at a later date.

Drama Guidelines:

  1. Each member can perform in two drama performances.
  2. Performance may be one person or a group.
  3. All performances should be one act style (limited curtain pulling).
  4. Performances should be creative, educational and entertaining.
  5. Outstanding actor/actress and best costume award certificates may be presented for each performance  at the judge’s discretion.
  6. The outstanding drama performance may receive a merit ribbon at judge’s discretion.

Lip Sync and Music Guidelines:

  1. Solos, duets, trios or group ensembles may perform (musical, dance and lip sync).
  2. The same 4-H’er may perform in a maximum of three performances.
  3. Each performance should be a minimum of one minute.  Each group performance is not to exceed 10 minutes.
  4. Each musical performance should provide a copy of music for judge the day of the event.
  5. Individuals and groups are responsible for their own props.  A microphone, piano/keyboard and CD/Ipod player will be provided for your use.  If you are bringing a CD, please turn in the CD when arrive that day labeled with your name and title of performance.
  6. For each performance, Best Choreography and Best Costume award certificates may be presented at judge’s discretion.
  7. Merit ribbon may be given to top performance at judge’s discretion in each division.  They may give out a  Merit ribbon for solos/duets/trios in each division and one for group performances per division.

Drama, Lip Sync and Music Festival Rating Sheets:

Drama Rating Sheet

Lip Sync Rating Sheet

Music Rating Sheet