Basketry Project

Lincoln County 4-H would like to thank East Troy Basketry for thier support for our basketry project!

 If you were going to purchase your own supplies make baskets on your own, I would purcahse the following,  I added a link but you can order from where you’d like.  Some stuff you can get in a store. 

Tips for Teaching Basketry in 4-H (and beyond) from Amanda

  • Teach baskets you have already made.
  • Use or make a pattern so you and those helping know the outcome.
  • Have lots of help!  I would recommend starting with 1 experienced teacher for every 4-6 youth (dependent on age and experience of the youth) until you feel more comfortable. 
  • Allow for breaks… a frustrated artist cannot make a work of art… but don’t require them… some weavers will weave through meals, other will welcome the break… it does not reflect on their enthusiasm for the project but their comfortable work style – respect it.
  • Remind them…
    • Helping/Teaching is the best way to learn so take every opportunity to increase your skills by helping others when they need help.
    • Weaving is not about speed – it’s about the time, planning and concentration.
    • Mistakes happen… Shape happens… it’s how you handle those mistakes or unplanned occurrences and what you learn from them that counts.
    • Measure twice, cut once.
    • Unique is GREAT!  Your basket really shouldn’t look the same as everyone else’s.
    • Sometimes you have to be bossy with your spokes.
    • Patience always pays off.  A job well done will always bring more happiness… even when you have to take a bunch of rows out to correct a mistake… you’ll always be happier with your self afterwards.
  • Have a system for answering questions/helping.
  • Even when they seem to be getting “it” check their baskets.
  • With young weavers (or easily discouraged ones), if you need to take up multiple row take some time to weave them back to where they last were weaving.
  • Basketry is ART!  Creativity and self expression is always rewarded!  Allow them to make their own choices.
  • Give lots of praise!  There is always something to say good job on… specific praise is always best!
    • “Great color choice!”
    • “You wove that row so well.”
    • “You are really getting it (or whatever technique they are working on) now.”
    • “Your basket is so unique!  I just adore it!”
    • “You are really concentrating very hard on that basket and it is paying off!”
    • “I am proud of you for choosing to take out those rows to get it just right!  I know it is hard but is just shows how dedicated you are to doing a great job!”
  • Most important!  It’s about the weaver… not the basket… so work first to build up the weaver and the weaver will build the basket.
  • Remember that this is FUN!!!!!

Amanda’s Favorite basketry websites:


  1. Sorry for the delayed response. At this time, we do not need basketry items. Thanks

  2. I have basketry supplies to donate as soon as possible. Moving + unable to take with me. Will someone please contact me?

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