Horse Project

The Lincoln County 4-H Horse Project (LCHP)  group was formed by volunteers interested in supporting the 4-H Horse project activities.  LCHP serves as the group that is willing to provide expertise, leadership and support participation of youth and adults working with horses.    LCHP will serve as the planning and coordinating group for countywide 4-H Horse project activities, events and the 4-H Horse Show at the fair.  Learning about horses and having fun together is what the group is all about.

Membership is open to and includes all currently enrolled 4-H horse project members, adult leaders , and parents or guardians.   The LCHP is part of the 4-H program in general, and specifically, the Lincoln County 4-H program.  As such, the policies and guidelines of the Wisconsin and the Lincoln County 4-H program apply to the LCHP.

LCHP Bylaws (February 2017)


Upcoming Events:

The Mandatory Meetings to Exhibit at the 2019 Lincoln County Fair Horse Show were held on June 3rd and June 6th.  If you missed these MANDATORY meetings and wist to know if you can still show at the fair, please call Krissi at (715) 351-0093.

More information about the Lincoln County 4-H Horse Project can be found on the Lincoln County 4-H Horse Project Facebook page.


State 4-H Horse Project Information

The 4-H Horse Association Handbook has now been updated for 2021! The Horse Handbook is online.  This Handbook includes information about State 4-H Horse events such as the Hunter and Dressage Show, Gymkhana and Expo.  You will find instructions with deadlines for entering these three statewide events.

For all of these state events, make sure that you have all of the necessary signatures on the forms and correct fees.  Contact Holly or Becky at 715-539-1072 if you have any questions.

You will also find additional information about the 4-H Horse projects on the project pages of the Wisconsin 4-H website under Animal Sciences.  Information found there includes a listing of 4-H literature for each project, statewide events, and additional resources.

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