County Food Preservation Group

Caroline Lemke has been canning her own food for over 50 years.   She really enjoys it and wants to teach youth how to preserve their own food.  She is currently teaching youth to preserve foods in group sessions and she would like to offer additional opportunities to all interested youth in the county.

If you are interested in learning to preserving fruits and vegetables, contact Caroline at 715-453-3657 so she can learn about your interests and include you in her upcoming group meetings.

Resources for 4-H Leaders

Food Preservation Leaders are encouraged to use the resources available on the Put it Up!  Food Preservation for Youth website.

UW-Extension Resources

Your county UW-Extension office has a wealth of information available on freezing and canning fresh fruits, vegetables, salsas, pickles, jams and jellies, meats and more with up-to-date tested recipes. The information is also available online at at the UW-Extension Food Preservation Publications Online.

Additional resources available at:

UW Food Safety and Health

National Center for Home Food Preservation







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