O’Tannenbaum Fundraiser – List of Winners

Thank you to everyone who helped make the O’Tannenbaum Tour and the Parade fundraiser at Johnson Gifts a success!  Thanks to everyone who donated (time and items) and thanks to all who purchased something!  Generosity such as yours is enables Lincoln County 4H to do such amazing things!

Complete list of O’Tannenbaum Winners:

1. Jim & Kelly Dalbec Mike Kunkel
2. Jim & Kelly Dalbec Bill Kunkel
3. Jim & Kelly Dalbec Katie Sczygelski
4. Jim & Kelly Dalbec Holly Hartwig
5. Jim & Kelly Dalbec Ann Stoeckmann
6. Jim & Kelly Dalbec Toby Kluck
7. Pine River Wreath LLC Lois Dupke
7b Pine River Wreath LLC Joy Malitz
8. Church Mutual Insurance Co. Chris Moravec
9. Taylor Stine Funeral Home Samantha Roets
designed by:”The Living Room”
10. Dick & Deb Erickson Lori Anderson-Malm
11. Kings Evergreen & Wreaths Dianna Allen
11b Kings Evergreen & Wreaths Molly Stencil
12. Dick Stoeckmann Family Deb Neumann
13. Brose’s Flower Center Susan Zastrow
14.Pine River Peppers4-H Club Joann Dombrosky
15. Citizen’s for Decency Mark Moravec
Luke & Tricia Lazare Lisa Kohnhorst
All of the wreath winners congratulations!

16. Bone & Joint Lena Schug
17. Violet Volz & Taylor Thurs Francine Cieslecki
18. Pine River Pioneer Sunrise 4-H Club Jerry Pike
19. Linda, Jon & Taylor Hudzinski Sally Gillard
20. Janet Tesch & Rhonda Burrows Alan Biaschka
21. Merrill Busy Bees 4-H Club Linda Hass
22. Allan’s Barber Chair Lois Ullman
23. Ken & Mary Ann VanDerGeest Family Renee Koblitz
24. Merrill Community Bank/Tomahawk Ashley Suwyn
25. Lincoln County Fair Association Deb Hartwig
26. Lincoln Industries Judy Doerr
27. Kiwanis Club of Greater Merrill Donna Barkley
28. Hardees’s Judy Kleinschmidt
29. Merrill Area Concert Association Aimee Knospe
30. Merrill Enrichment Center Leah Strand
31. Lincoln County 4-H Leaders Assoc. Joni Cummings
32. Merrill Sheet Metal Jamie Leder
33. Todd & Deb Beerndt & Mary Ann & Emery Kufahl Lori Hehling
34. Merrill Housing Authority Leo Lazare
35. Merrill Housing Authority Stephanie Wegner
36. Merrill Rotary Club Tina Scott
37. Hampton Inn of Wausau Carsyn Jarek
38. Spears Family Cliff Schuelke
39. HCE Pine River Club Steve Krueger
40. Pine Crest Nursing Home Linda Murry
41. Ana Blair’s Boutique Dorothy Bahlow
42. Barns Creek Buccaneers 4-H Club Leah Strand
This is the list of all the tree winners.

Basket winners
43, Lincoln County Respite Maggie Wulf
44. Lincoln Lanes Riley Schram & Lorene Hass
45. Merrill Park & Rec Dept. Carol Hartwig
46. Merrill Lions Club Sally Woller
47. Breaman Merrill Ford Inc. Harlan Fausch & Barb Neumann
48. VFW Post 1638 Luke Golisch
49. VIP Office Products/Radio Shack Breanna Lanmark
50.First Street Cofee Marie Kleinschmidt
51. Kohnhorst Family Jim Dalbec
52. Harry Wallace Bob Reimann
53. Dave’s County Market Jesse Borchardt
54. IncredibleBank Carol Hartwig
55. Young’s Drug Store Rebecca Thurs
56. Salvo’s Barb Baehl
57. OakPark Dental John Laugren
58. Hardee’s “Toyland” Ayden Radtke
59. Hardee’s “Enjoy a Cup” Nancy Koehler
60. Maple Hollow Lorraine Turner
61. Dick & Deb Erickson “Centerpiece” Ann Wayda
62. Dick & Deb Erickson “Men’s Toolbag” Casey Hanson
63. Dick & Deb Erickson “Wooden Tree” Brian Genrich
64. Dick & Deb Erickson “Holiday Baking” Nicole Zoellner
65. Dick & Deb erickson “Farm Truck” Anastasia Biever
66. Dick & Deb Erickson “Men’s Reading” Dave Knospe
67. Dick & Deb Erickson “Women’s Reading”Lori Hehling
68, Dick & Deb Erickson”Women’s Mysteries Julie Wendorf
69. Dick & Deb Erickson “Kids Packer Fan: Scott Wallace
70. Hampton Inn of Wausau Mark Woller
71. Stephanie Leischer- Norwex Consultant Al Lezotte
72. Jacque Gruna Avon Basket Jeri Peterson
73. Cindi C’s Ann Stoeckmann
74. Park City Credit Union “Movie Night” Phyllis Reinhardt
75. Park City Credit Union”Kids Basket” Shannon Wengler
76. Wit’s End Day Spa Eunice Berndt
77. Hi-Lo’s 4-H Club Mary Sosnovske
78, Hi-Lo’s 4-H Club Eunice Berndt
79. Annabelle Lee Craft Basket Leann Skaar
80. FreMarq Innovations Dan Pick
81. Hugo’s Pizza Jane Pehlke
82. Merrill Country Store Dorothy Krause
83. Stacy Literski Photography Kelsey Amelse
84. Outboards Sally Woller
85. Geiss Meat Services LLC Cindy Hanson
86. Auto Jockeys Sherryl Westfall,Andrew Hass,Sue Swanson & Rita Hartwig
87. Jill Krogh-Mary Kay Leoya Davis
88. Patricia,Cameo & Samantha Roets Sally Woller
89. A Cut Above- Kari Lea Kufahl Linda Plautz
90. Tomahawk Pharmacy Jeff Beyer
91. Cherie’s Sweet Sensations LLC Hannah Hanson
92. Courtside Furniture Dorothy Krause
93. Lynn & Kay Simon Madison Dombroski
94. Scentability Maria Brickner
95. Culver’s in Merrill Jenny Tellekson
96. Studio 500 Katie Taylor
97. Quirt Family Dentistry Inc. Deb Neumann
98 Corning All Stars 4-H Club Lane Frisch
99. West Side Market Deb Nuellendorf
100. West Side Market Randall Schlueter
101. CarQuest Auto Parts of Merrill Owen Schuab
102. Johnson’s Gift & Home Decor Brianna Boyd
103. Tomahawk Health Services Katie Taylor
104. AmercInn Elly Hanson
105. Polka Dotted Pie Corey Dornbrock
106. Billy Bob’s Sports Bar Bryan Plautz
107. OakRidge Embroidery & Gifts Autumn Voigt
108. CPR Computer Services Scott Wallace & Rose Dornbrock
111. Brose’s “Porch Pot” Nataleen Krueger
112. The Beacon Randy & Jeanne Schmidt
114. Corning Tankee 4-H Club Stacey Wollace
116. American Family Dave Cooper Deliah McDaniel
117. Praire River Eagles Eunice Berndt

We have to thank all of the tree growers who help the O’Tannenbaum Tour every year. With out these people we would not have this event.

Thank-you to Grisa Evergreen, Badger Evergreen, Wisconsin Tree Farms Inc., Smilin’ John’s Tree Farm, High Ground Tree Farm, Northwoods Evergreen, Kings Evergreen & Wreaths, Wisconsin Evergreen Co., and Jackson Prairie River Tree Farm.

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