Strengthening Families for Caregivers

The Strengthening Families for Caregivers is an eight-week program that focuses on providing strategies for adults to build positive relationships with children who have experienced trauma. However, the strategies that are shared are excellent for anyone who provides support to children.

The program uses scenarios to guide discussion, provides tangible tools to use, and provides opportunities to build skills. Participants will learn how trauma affects children, how a child’s trauma can affect us as caregivers, how to create a safe environment, help understand and manage feelings and behaviors, develop connections and healing, and learn how to become an advocate for the children you support. Each session builds on the prior session so it is important that a participant attends each session if possible. We understand how busy life can be and know that things come up so we will work to keep everyone caught up if you do need to miss a session.

We BELIEVE in creating a safe environment for learning and will never ask participants to speak to their own trauma or their child’s trauma. We UNDERSTAND that the material we share can evoke strong feelings and emotions and COMMIT to allowing participants to take the space and time they need and WILL be available for participants after sessions if they need to process.

The program is offered twice each year. For more information, contact Casey Hanson at, Renee Krueger at or via phone at 715-539-1042; Debbie Moellendorf at; Brenda Rasmussen at; or Kristine Shorey at

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  1. I am so sorry but I didn’t see your request on our website until now. The person who had been monitoring comments on our website left our office in February.

    We have a number of resources to help parents and other adults talk with youth on the Lincoln County Drug Free Coalition page of our website. Here’s a link to this page – Please email me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

    Again, my apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

  2. hello do you have any ideas/programs for don’t start with drugs; smoking~ alcohol?? thanks RWJ

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