Food Preservation

Due to Lincoln County budget cuts Extension Lincoln County does not have a Health and Well-Being Educator at this time. Please follow the links below to answer your questions.

Extension Recommended Processes

All the pdf resources listed below can be downloaded and printed off.



Making Jam & Jelly




Smoking & Curing

Wild Game

Food Storage

Additional Resources

Further Resources

If you are interested in knowing more and delving further into the wonderful world of food preservation?  Check out the following resources for instructional information and recipes.

  • Safe and Healthy Food for Your Family is a website and blog that provides timely information on all aspects of food safety from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension.
  • The University of Minnesota Extension has short, informational YouTube videos that provide a hands-on look at food preservation methods and food safety.
  • USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning is a comprehensive home canning book from The National Center for Home Food Preservation. It is downloadable in 6 parts (a total of 184 pages) or you can purchase it for $24.85 ($19.00 for the book, $5.85 shipping) from Purdue University or on our order form.
  • National Center for Home Food Preservation has many recipes for each of the preservation categories listed above.  Following the links on the “How do I….” sections in the Extension Recommended Processes will take you there.
  • Ball Canning has many helpful videos, tutorials, recipes, and how-to tips for canning.
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