Club Resources

The Clubs and Groups page on the State 4-H website provides several resources and tools to start, strengthen and revitalize 4-H community clubs.

Adopt-A-Highway Safety

Many 4-H groups will participate in Adopt-A-Highway projects. We want to encourage our volunteers and parents to address safety concerns when working on the roadsides. There are educational resources on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website that address safety issues. This includes information related to portable meth labs and other related hazardous materials that may be found along roadsides. While we’re not discouraging groups from roadside clean-up activities, we want to make sure participants are aware of hazardous materials and use safe practices.

I’d  like to encourage clubs to register with the DOT for Adopt-A-Highway projects. Registered groups would receive updates and safety notices directly from the DOT.

From: Dale A. Leidheiser, State Program Director, 4-H Youth Development

Club Secretary Book Forms

You can download the Club Record Book forms you need to your computer.  All forms are available in PDF  and MS Word Form documents and both are fillable.  Please download, fill in your information on the form, save and print.

  PDF File Secretary Book Cover     Secretary Book Cover
  PDF File Activities Calendar   Word Document Activities Calendar
  PDF File Adult Leadership Summary   Word Document Adult Leadership Summary
  PDF File Junior Leader Summary    Junior Leader Summary
  PDF File Members Summary   Word Document Members Summary
  PDF File Attendance Record   Word Document Attendance Record
  PDF File Club Financial Record   Word Document Club Financial Record
  PDF File Minutes of Club Meeting   Word Document Minutes of Club Meeting
  PDF File Club Evaluation   Word Document Club Evaluation