Centennial Celebration — Lincoln County 4-H Turns 100!

2020 marks the 100th year of 4-H in Lincoln County! 

As with all things in this year, it has been a challenge to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lincoln County 4-H.  But we still have time to spread the word and celebrate this milestone!

There are a lot of things that we can do to celebrate together, separately!

Ways you can Celebrate!

“We are 4-H” Posters

100 for 4-H Challenge

4-H Week Displays

See what we’ve done!

Centennial Celebration Barn Dance!

Ways you can celebrate!

“We are 4-H” Posters

Display a “We are 4-H” Centennial Sign!
Extension Lincoln County has these beautiful signs waiting for people to pick them up and display them!
Stop by and pick one (or two) up! Put it in your window, hang it on your desk, or put one on your camper or boat!

Fill the world with Lincoln County 4-H!

100 for 4-H Challenge

A century is 100 years — so why not celebrate the Lincoln County centennial by doing 100 of  ANYTHING? Choose something you love to do and do it 100 times to celebrate the Lincoln County 4-H Centennial!

    • Do 100 jumping jacks or sit-ups
    • Walk 100 steps or yards or miles
    • Do 100 acts of kindness
    • Harvest 100 beans or potatoes or ears of corn or…
    • Sew 100 masks
    • Draw 100 pictures
    • Ride a horse or a bike or a kayak 100 times
    • Go on a 100 hikes
    • Build 100 things (out of wood or Legos or playdough or…)
    • Take a dog for a walk 100 times
    • Write 100 poems or stories or jokes or…
    • Read 100 words or pages or books

You don’t have to go it alone!  Choose something big, recruit some friends, and divide the work up!  Want to can 100 jars of jam?  Find 10 people to work with and you each only have to can 10 each.  Your choices are as big as all of 4-H!  Decide what you want to do and do it (100 times)!

Take some pictures and remember to wear or display something that says “Lincoln County 4-H”.  Then go to bit.ly/100for4H and let us know what you did. We will put it up on Facebook and share it with the world!

4-H Week Displays

Celebrate the Lincoln County 4-H Centennial during National 4-H Week!

Rules and Restrictions

    • Open to ALL Lincoln County 4-H clubs and families
    • All displays must be visible for the public to see (front yards, store windows, lobby displays, etc.) the entire week of October 4-10. (They can be inside or outside.)
    • Displays will be judged at the October meeting of the 4-H Board of Directors.
    • Only one (1) display per family and/or club may be entered. (A family may do their own display, plus help their club make one.)
    • Displays will be judged on eye appeal, neatness, originality and conveying a clear message about the Lincoln County 4-H Centennial.


    • It needs to include
    • A clear message about the Lincoln County 4-H Centennial: 100 years of Lincoln County 4-H, A Century of Growing with Lincoln County 4-H or something similar!
    • Contact information of website (“bit.ly/JoinLC4H”) or phone (“715-539-1072”).
    • Displays will be judged at the October 4-H Board of Directors meeting.
    • Only one (1) display per family and/or club may be entered. Therefore, a family may do their own display, plus help their club make one.
    • Do not place anything over the 4-H Clover. It must be only in green, black or gold/yellow.

To enter:

    • Email rebecca.kludy@wisc.edu with
    • A picture of the display
    • Name of club or family
    • Names of all who helped make the display
    • Where the display is located
    • Entries must be received by Monday, October 12th.
    • Displays must be up the entire week of Oct 4-10.

  Family entry    Club entry
     1st—$10           1st—$15
2nd—$6          2nd -$10
3rd—$4            3rd.-$5


See what we’ve done!

Lincoln County 4-H kicked off it’s Centennial Celebration with a community-wide Barn Dance!

The Lincoln County 4-H Centennial Barn Dance was held on February 29, 2020, at the Merrill Town Hall. Music was provided — and dancing was lead — by Amanda Herdt.  In addition to dancing, there was family-friendly games and activities for anyone who wants to take part.  Beverages and snacks will be available during the dance.

Plus:  cake walk! No barn dance is complete without a Cake Walk!  Try your hand at winning a cake made by our 4-Hers!