Ambassador Position Description


  • The Lincoln County 4-H Ambassador promotes the 4-H program on a local and county level and emcees county events.


  • Open to all Lincoln County 4-H members, male and female, grades 7th and older.
  • Several years of 4-H experience and understand what 4-H is about.
  • Leadership experience on a club and/or county level.
  • Interest in promotion of 4-H.
  • Be mature individual and exhibit poise, confidence and dedication to 4-H.
  • Exhibit an appealing appearance and personality.
  • Be willing and able to speak to 4-H and community groups.
  • Good role model. Alcohol and drug free.
  • Dedicated and willing to follow through on their responsibilities.


  • Improve your self confidence.
  • Sharpen and improve your communication skills.
  • Gain new leadership skills.
  • Increase your knowledge of 4-H.
  • More awareness of your own strengths and capabilities.
  • Satisfaction of promoting one of Wisconsin’s strongest 4-H programs!


  • Youth who are interested submit an application.
  • They are then scheduled for an interview with the committee. Interview questions are based on 4-H project work, growth and leadership in 4-H, and contributions to 4‑H in the county.
  • Selection is based on personal interview, poise and personality. It is left to the committee’s discretion as to the number of ambassadors.


  • One year commitment -Year begins with selection in September and runs until the following September.
  • Youth may repeat as a 4-H Ambassador by reapplying for the position.


  • Attend Ambassador meetings and training sessions.
  • Assist with 4-H Events/Activities
    • emcee county festivals and contests (i.e. Music, Speaking/Puppetry, Drama, Lip Sync)
    • assist with awards/recognition events (i.e. 4-H Leaders’ Banquet, handout ribbons/trophies at the county fair and other county events)
  • Reach the public with the 4-H story
    • talk to community groups and schools
    • talk on radio programs and do radio public service announcements
    • write newspaper articles
    • represent 4-H in parades
    • assist with promotion at the county fair (Be visible and assist in planning/conducting promotion booth.)
    • promote 4-H during National 4-H Week
  • Create inner organizational 4-H understanding
    • talk to 4-H clubs
    • work with leaders
    • contribute articles to 4-H newsletter
  • Assist at the county fair where needed (i.e. help in the fair office, announce grandstand/activity tent attractions, etc.)
  • Other activities as designated by the 4-H Board of Directors, Fair Boards and/or the 4-H Youth Development Agent.


  • 4-H Board of Directors, Fair Board, County Event Coordinators and/or 4-H Youth Development Agent.
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