4-H Leaders’ Association Board of Directors Position Description

The Lincoln County 4-H Leaders’ Association, Inc. is composed of all enrolled youth members, 8th grade or older, and all enrolled adult leaders.  Enrollment must be completed and submitted on an annual basis to the UW-Extension office for Lincoln County, Wiscosnin.  All enrolled adult volunteeers are required to successfully complete the Wisconsin 4-H Youth Protection Program.

The  mission of the Lincoln County 4-H Leaders’ Association is to work with young people to provide learning experiences, new opportunities and life skills development.  This is done through the following:

  • Conducts supplemental county level programs for youth
  • Raise funds and manage a budget to support 4-H Youth Development work
  • Coordinates county level recognition
  • Represents 4-H Youth Development to the community
  • Advocates for 4-H Youth Development
  • Provides input on new 4-H Youth Development opportunities and youth and volunteer needs

Each year the membership of the Association elects a Board of Directors at their annual meeting held in November.  The Board of Directors consists of no less than seven and no more than eleven adult directors and youth directors who are in 8th grade or older in the number not less than two  and a maximum equal  to the number of adults directors serving at that time.  Adult directors serve for two year terms and youth directors serve for one year terms.  Members of the Board of Directors make a commitment to the county leaders and 4-H families to serve as a liaison, and act on their behalf in decision-making policies.  They usually meet once a month and assist in planning and making decisions for carrying out the 4-H program in Lincoln County.

All 4-H groups and organizations are accountable to Cooperative Extension for their activities and finances.   The local 4-H Youth Development Educator is charged with overall leadership and oversight for all 4-H Youth Development programs and groups in the county.  This includes guidance and support for the 4-H community club program, 4-H outreach programs, and serving as a community leader in youth development.  The 4-H Youth Development Educator works with the county 4-H Leader Organization and Board of Directors as: educator, educational administrator, 4-H volunteer manager and youth development leadership.  The Educator shall not be a member of the Association and shall have no voting rights.  4-H Youth Development Program Advisor and other Extension staff members may attend in an educational, non-voting capacity. 


  • As a Board of Directors member, you have made a commitment to the county members, leaders and families to serve as a liaison, and act on their behalf in decision-making policies
  • To advise 4-H Youth Development Educator of the interests and needs of people at the local level and to assist in conducting programs to meet those interests and need

Time Required:

  • Adult directors hold a two year elective term (approximately four hours per month)
  • Youth directors hold a one year elective term (approximately four hours per month)


  • Attend each board meeting (usually 11 per year). Youth and adult board members must attend at least 50% of the regualr board meetings to remain in good standing or they will be removed as a board member
  • Assume responsibility to stay informed about current 4-H programs at area club level, county level and district level
  • Seek ideas from others involved in the 4-H program about their interests and ideas for future directions of those programs
  • Report to area clubs of the activities for the 4-H program and offer assistance to area clubs when needed
  • Help 4-H Youth Development Educator and Program Advisor to plan timely, effective program directions that are relevant to the needs of all people within the county
  • Recruit volunteers from clubs or committees as needed
  • Advocate 4-H to public and private sector
  • Set annual budget and calendar for approval at Annual Association meeting
  • Serve as a member of the 4-H Youth Expansion and Review Committee
  • Participate in Long-Range Planning and Development
  • Represent the organization to the public and to private industry


  • UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development Educator and Program Advisor


  • Certified 4-H leader for adult directors and enrolled 4-H member in 8th grade or over for youth directors
  • Knowledge of Community Extension programs
  • Sensitivity to 4-H member, family and club needs
  • Ability to set priorities and assume responsibilities
  • Sensitivity to current needs of youth and families


  • Guidance from 4-H Youth Development Educator and Program Advisor, other County Extension Agents, and District Leaders
  • UW-Extension office and materials in 4-H program files
  • Leaders’ Association, Inc. minutes
  • Club leaders, parents and members
  • 4-H Newsletter (bi-monthly)
  • Personal skills
  • Roberts Rules of Order
  • Former Board members