Moving Forward During COVID-19: Deciding Who, When, and How

Readjusting our lives to the ever-changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic is a complex and intensely individual challenge.  We are all in this together, however, we all have to make our own choices on how and when we can begin to reenter public spaces and engage in more in-person interactions.

In order to help you weigh out your own risks and benefits of interacting with others, UW-Madison Division of Extension’s Life Span program has created a Decision Guide that will help walk you through the decision making process.

Start with the Decision Guide. This talks about considerations of local COVID activity, possible risks and benefits, and the timing and context of the events. You can read through the Decision Guide online or download a copy.  The guide provides links to where you can find the facts and context needed to make an informed decision.  There is also a downloadable worksheet or flowchart to help you while reading through the Decision Guide.

Ultimately, the decision of whether and how to move forward is very personal. Staying outside, wearing masks, practicing physical distancing (staying 6+ feet apart), and washing hands well and frequently can all help support safe social engagement. The best advice is to come to a decision you all feel comfortable with and enjoy every minute of it.

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