Starting the Basics of Math Early

Math is more than numbers, it’s shapes and colors and patterns.  It provides the essential building blocks for everything we do in life from building things to making food to playing sports.  Building a good understanding of math at an early age will provide a solid basis for all future learning.

With the continued uncertainty around the pandemic, school openings and early learning opportunities, it’s easy to feel that your child is missing out on important learning opportunities.  Fortunately, teaching early math concepts is easy and painless (for both of you)!  The DREME, or Development and Research in Early Math Education, Network has created an Early Learning math kit to show you how to share all the math that is in everyday life.

Ideas include:

• Tips for Reading: If you’re reading books with your children, it offers tips for bringing math into storybook time.

• Recipes: If you’re in the kitchen preparing food, the kit offers two easy recipes for cookies and personal pizzas, allowing families to start math conversations while cooking.

• Math Snacks: If you have just a few extra minutes as you go about your day, the kit offers brief ideas for uncovering and talking about math in everyday moments, like cleaning up toys or getting ready for bed.

• Card Games: If you have a deck of playing cards and 10-15 minutes, the kit offers directions for four card games that are fun and allow children to practice skills like adding and comparing numbers.

It’s easy!  Download the Dreme Early Learning Math Kit now.  You can also visit the DREME Network website for more early learning math ideas!

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