Stay at Home and Sew a Mask Event

Join the Lincoln County Health Department and do a “Stay at Home and Sew a Mask for our Community Members” April 1st – April 10th.

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 throughout Wisconsin, the Lincoln County Health Department is asking for your help to sew some hand-sewn masks to help our community stay protected.

Donations will be distributed to where they are needed in our county. To make arrangements for a donation, call Karen Krueger, Public Health Nurse at the Lincoln County Health Department at 715- 539-1368 for a specific time and appointment.

Please do not drop them off at the department.  We want you and all of our community to stay safe!

You can download a PDF of the pattern or you can find it on the Turban Project pattern page – they have a lot of good sewing projects for charity!   There is even a video on how it can be done:

Important points for the directions:

  • Use tightly-woven cotton
  • Please remember that both women and men in a variety of roles may wear these
  • You can make them with two layers of cotton fabric, preferably two layers of quality high thread count sheet fabric for even better protection, making three layers of fabric. The outside can be as cute as you want it to be. If the outside and inside are different colors, they can distinguish the inside from the outside so it isn’t put on with the outside against the nose and mouth.
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