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The Lincoln County Association for Home and Community Education, Inc. (HCE) is a nonprofit educational organization comprised of local clubs in Lincoln County. The organization is unique in that the members extend the information they receive from the UW-Madison faculty and other reliable sources to the membership and community.

Program planning and leadership training are provided by a collaborative effort of WAHCE, Inc. and the UW-Madison Division of Extension. Local Extension Educators serve as advisers to the county HCE Association. Education programs are developed after careful study of local concerns.

As with many things, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a temporary hold on HCE meetings and events.  Please stay positive and be well until we can meet again.

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Lincoln County HCE

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HCE Scholarship Information

State of Wisconsin HCE 

Lincoln County HCE

Who We Are

What We Do


Lincoln County HCE publishes a newsletter four times a year: January, March, July, and September.  It keeps the members up-to-date and provides them with helpful information.  You can download and read the four most recent newsletters here:

March 2021 Online Flipbook PDF
December 2020 Online Flipbook PDF
July 2020 Online Flipbook PDF
March 2020 Online Flipbook PDF

LC HCE Scholarship

The Lincoln County Association for Home and Community Education is sponsoring scholarships for students in the Lincoln County area pursuing family/consumer education, agriculture or health-related careers at a 2- or 4-year accredited college or university.

Application Deadline:  March 15th.


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State of Wisconsin HCE

Mission Statement:
HCE Offers Opportunities for learning in a social setting, sharing what we learn, and caring to make a difference in our homes, communities and the world.

Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education is an educational, charitable organization.  Membership is open to all persons without regard to race, color, sex, ethnic background or economic circumstances. This organization does not operate on a segregated basis.  We value:

  • Families and communities
  • Opportunities for personal growth through learning, sharing and volunteering
  • Meeting great people and forming friendships and enjoyments
  • Volunteering to make a difference
  • Leadership


The roof of the home symbolizes our past heritage with Extension Homemakers.

The letters H (Home) C (Community) E (Education) make it a suitable logo for the state, county, and clubs.

The house without walls confirms a commitment to membership open to all, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, handicap or national origin

The Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education, Inc. logo is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  County HCE organizations have permission to use the logo to identify a county organization provided the activities and programs carried out by the county do not detract from the integrity of WAHCE.  The logo may not be used to promote any commercial product or venture and cannot be used in the endorsement of a political candidate or campaign.  Any alterations of the house and the letters HCE within the house would be considered a violation of the trademark.county and club.


Visit the STATE WEBSITE  to learn more about this organization and the good works is does.






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