Lincoln County Master Gardener Volunteer

Welcome to the Lincoln County Master Gardener Volunteers!

In 2019, 10 Master Gardener Volunteers reported 364 hours of volunteer service for an estimated value of $8,736 (Independent Sector).  They also reported 195 hours of continuing education and reached an estimated 530 individuals with various outreach projects.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lincoln County Master Gardener program, call the Extension at 715-539-1072.

Sara Park Pollinator Garden Demonstration Site Renovation

Lincoln County Master Gardener Volunteers assisted the Lincoln County Land Services Department in continuing the process of renovating the native planting at Sara Park in Tomahawk.  This quarter-acre planting was part of a Shoreland Protection Grant in 2015 to serve as a demonstration site of native plants that may be used to protect water quality and provide pollinator habitat.  The Master Gardener Volunteers removed invasive species from the site that were out-competing the native plants. The goal is once the restoration is complete to have a public space for residents to view and learn about native plants along shorelands.

Pine Crest Nursing Home Gardening Activities

Lincoln County Master Gardener Volunteers continued their partnership with Pine Crest Nursing Home providing opportunities for residents to participate in outdoor gardening activities.  Working alongside Master Gardener Volunteers, nine residents planted a variety of vegetables and flowers. In addition, Master Gardener Volunteers hosted two workshops for the residents on garden rock painting and fairy gardens.  Ten residents participated in the garden rock painting that were displayed in the gardens. Eight residents participated in making fairy gardens that they were able to take into their rooms.

Tall Pines Community Garden Activities

Master Gardener Volunteers are active on the Tall Pines Community Garden advisory committee.  Through their involvement they are able to advise gardeners on pest management and gardening techniques as well as use space to provide programming.  This growing season, the Master Gardener Volunteers assisted the Merrill Parks and Recreation Summer Program in planting vegetables at the Community Garden.  Master Gardener Volunteers taught 15 youth on how to prepare the garden and how to plant various seeds and plants. They also used the pollinator garden to teach the youth about beneficial insects that can be found in the garden and discuss how these insects work as pollinators for the various vegetables and fruits.

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