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For 2020, Heart of the Farm has moved ONLINE!  Check out the new “Coffe Chats“!

Heart of the Farm offers one-day conferences, training programs, networking, hands-on workshops, programming on business planning, farm management, human resources, and more.


  • Farm Management and Production Education for Women
  • Improving Farm Business Decision-Making


The Heart of the Farm – Women in Agriculture Conference Series addresses the needs of farm women by providing education on pertinent topics, connecting them with agricultural resources, and creating support networks.

For more information and resources, visit: Heart of the Farm

Coffee Chats:  Since we can’t host our Heart of the Farm – Women in Ag Conferences in person this year, we’ve switched to an online way to connect!

University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension’s Heart of the Farm-Women in Agriculture program will host a statewide ZOOM conference to introduce a new online ‘Coffee Chats’ series, May 8, 2020, from 1-2:15 pm.

The keynote speaker for the ‘Coffee Chats’ series is Jess Peters from Spruce Row Farm in Meadville, PA. Jess will share her thoughts on the resiliency of farmers and ideas on getting through these crazy times. Spruce Row Farm is family owned and operated by the Peters family; they milk 275 Jerseys. In addition to working on the family farm, Jess runs the Spruce Row Farm Facebook page, is an advocate for the dairy industry, and a blogger for Hoard’s Dairyman. She also started the project “Our Ag Secrets” – an online platform that allows people to post anonymously the things they might be afraid to say aloud – it’s a place to vent about family, release fears for the future, or share the things a person loves/hates about being a farmer.

After the keynote presentation is an interactive session, “Balancing Act or is it a Three Ring Circus?” where women can connect with others who share the same experiences and challenges. During this session, participants will discuss current timesaving tips to use at home or on the farm.

The final portion of the online conference will be spent sharing topics for the rest of the “Heart of the Farm Coffee Chats” series and how to sign up for the session that best fits your schedule.

Register online for the May 8, 2020, 1-2:15 pm Heart of Farm ‘Coffee Chats’ Wisconsin kickoff meeting with this Heart of the Farm link: https://go.wisc.edu/0c267p. Once registered, you will receive meeting connection information (website link and phone number). Registered participants will only need the meeting website link or phone number to participate in the meeting.

Individual Coffee Chats (Dates and times forthcoming):

  • Communications (Exploring Perspectives to improve communication?)
  • Relationships (Nurturing Healthy Relationships Under Times of Stress)
  • Time Management (Structuring your Day with Purpose)
  • Financial (Secrets to Financial Happiness: day to day expenses, unexpected expenses, financial goals, freedom of choice)

Check out the full press release for more details!

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