4-H Express: December-January Newsletter

Keep up with all the things that Lincoln County 4-H is doing!  Read the most recent 4-H Newsletter here: December 2020-January 2021!

Or if you would rather just skip to the article you are interested in:

Page 1 Welcome letter from Lincoln County Leader’s Board president
Page 2 –3 Enrollment Information – Enroll in 4-H today!
Page 4 Leaders Training – Learn leadership skills in these three virtually-led workshops.
Page 5 VIP Training (New Leaders) – All new volunteers need to attend a VIP training in order to be approved
Page 6 Holiday Wreath Workshop – Make a holiday decoration in this virtually-led workshop
Page7 Project Discovery Day – Project Discovery Day is ON!  Check out how you can lead a session.
Page 8 Calendar of Events – Keep up-to-date on all the things we are doing in Lincoln County 4-H
Page 9 Cans for Kids Fundraiser –  THANK YOU to all who helped.  Watch for the next Cans for Kids drive in spring.
Page 10 Creating Connections in our Clubs – How to keep our clubs connected when we can’t meet in person.
Page 11 Reaching out to Others – Community Service amid COVID
Page 12—13 Fall Forum Recap – Hear from those who attended
Page 14 Take 5 and Be Calm – Mindful exercises for all ages
Page 15 Join the 4-H Leaders Board –  Be a part of the organization that guides Lincoln County 4-H


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