2020 Older Youth – Trip, Ambassador, & Awards Selection Information

You are invited to participate in the 2020 Application & Interview process.  There are many opportunities for youth in 6th grade and older. This process not only could provide you with a trip scholarship or another award, but it includes Ambassador selection also.

We hope that this resume process provides you with an experience that will help you stand out in a crowd of applicants when you interview for job positions.  We believe the resume will be easier for you to keep up to date. We hope you will add to your resume each year and continue to submit that updated resume each year.  It will also serve as a list of leadership experiences for you to use in job or college applications and scholarships.

More information can be found in the Application Packet.

Award Selections for 2020

Application Packet – Lincoln

Time For Success Workshop Information: 

Click on flyer to view it.

TIme for Success pdf

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