4-H Enrollment Process for 2018-19

4-H Enrollment process for the 2018-19 will begin on September 10th.   At the beginning of September, everyone in the system will be set to “Inactive” in 4-HOnline.  When you log in to re-enroll, you will need to update your Personal Information screen (the system will increase age, grade and year in 4-H automatically by 1), and confirm the expectation and behavior agreements on the Additional Information screen.  Clubs and projects will remain on the Participation screen.  You’ll just need to add any new projects and delete the projects you no longer want.  You will also want to indicate which project literature you want for each project so your club leader knows to order project literature for you. Once you’ve completely updated your enrollment, you’ll click submit and your enrollment will be ready for your club leader to approve and after your club leader the UW-Extension office.  More instructions to complete the re-enrollment or new enrollment process can be found on the Enrollment page of our website.

For individuals without internet access, paper forms will be available or you can re-enroll by visiting the UW-Extension office located in the Lincoln County Service Center on the lower level (801 N. Sales Street in Merrill) to enroll with 4HOnline during office hours after September 10th.  Contact the UW-Extension office at 715-539-1072 if you have questions or need assistance with your 4-H enrollment.

Youth Enrollment Deadlines

Enrollment must be entered in 4honline by the date listed to be considered on time.

November 1st

Deadline for re-enrollments to join 4-H and still be able to exhibit at the county fair in Junior Division as a 4-H member.  If you miss this re-enrollment deadline, you will not be able to exhibit at the county fair in the Junior Division as a 4-H member.  If a youth has been absent/inactive as a 4-H member for more than 12 months, they would be considered a new member upon joining 4-H again.  (Policy change adopted June 25, 2008 by 4-H Board of Directors).

March 1st

Deadline for new members to join 4-H and still be able to exhibit at the county fair in the Junior Division.

After March 1st

May still join 4-H, but will not be allowed to exhibit at the county fair in the Junior Division.  Youth enrolling after March 1st may participate in all other 4-H programs and activities as a member.

May 1st

Last date to change (add or drop) a project. Youth must be enrolled in the project by this date to exhibit in that project area at the county fair in Jr. Division.

June 15th or July 15th (depending on Fair dates)

Fair entry deadline, no one may switch enrollment status once fair entries are submitted.  Fair entry process and books are available on the Lincoln County Fair website at http://www.lincolncofair.com.  (NOTE:  In order to exhibit items at the Lincoln County Fair as a   4-H Member, you must be enrolled by the above date in 4-H through 4-H Online and you must also enter your exhibits through the SEPARATE Lincoln County Fair Association’s entry process by June 15th or July 15th(depending on Fair dates).

No enrollment forms will be accepted in the UW-Extension Office without CLUB LEADER APPROVAL.